Yupik Eskimos

The Yupik Eskimo tribe is much like that of the Alaskan, Edmonton, Greenland, Inupiaq, Netsilik, Inupiat, Siberian, Arctic and Intuit tribes insofar as they live in frigidly cold and uncompromising temperatures.  In fact, regional folklore has it that the Intuit Eskimos - particularly - were chosen for their name for the Intuit Company, which is a computer microchip manufacturing concern.  It is embraced through the nature of the Yupik Eskimos clip art image shown below that the name of the Yupik tribe should be given equal consideration in due course as the chosen corporate name of a burgeoning high-technology company, don't you think?

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  1. Are you trying to be funny? Please check your history and spelling...it is Inuit, not "Intuit" - very different.